supermarket stories (Sara)

I had to go to the supermarket around the corner, this evening, because we are having a breakfast in school tomorrow, since it’s the second to last friday until holiday. I had to buy rasberry marmalade and milk. These are the people I saw at the cashier:

– one very funky looking woman, about 20 years old, with dreadlocks and wooden earrings, buying everything you need for a really good and spicy Chilli con Carne

– one kinda clueless looking blond woman with a red Disneyland sweater and bellbottom jeans, buying one piece of butter

– one uptight married couple (complaining about everything in the supermarket) buying one bottle of wine, one bottle of champagne , one pretzel and a really tasteless, cheap birthday card, which said something like: Happy Birthday! Lots of luck and lots of money for you… I mean .. Hello??

– one very fashionable women in her late 30’s , who just had to buy the new Vogue, even at 7 o’clock  in the evening



  1. lilalia said

    Love your story. I can imagine every single one of these persons and their personal stories.

  2. Maria said

    So wie du die Welt siehst, liebe Sara, kann sogar Einkaufen zu einem einmaligen Erlebnis werden!
    Ich werde es auch mal auf diese Art versuchen!

  3. Anna said

    Maria said:
    The way you see the world, dear Sara, can even make shopping a unique experience!
    I’ll try it sometime!

    I hope that sounds about right? I love translating but I usually only get to do it from english to german.
    Loved the story as well, Sara!

  4. sunnysara said

    thank you so much 🙂

    yes! like that even going to the supermarket can be interesting. I always try to make up a story for each person.

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