Reverse psychology (Lady Fi)

After the kids promised to ‘sleep in’ and spent all night getting up, I decided to change tactics.

I begged them to get up really early.

Result? A lie-in until 6.40 am!

Ah, the power and joy of reverse psychology!



  1. lilalia said

    Reverse psychology tempered with a bit of bribery and pleading goes a long way.

  2. sunnysara said

    Lia, remember how you got julien ( my brother) to read regularly?

    She told him:
    Julien, you have to go to bed now, but you can read for 15 minutes.

    She then went out of the room and came back after an half an hour, and of course Julien was still reading, because he didn’t want to go to bed and that routine carried on for about one week or so and after that he liked reading very much. 😀

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