The sound of anticipation (tillmann)

Anticipation has its very own sound. It is the soaring fifths of the strings, shooting out multicoloured harmonics in all directions as they turn and twist and clash with their neighbours; the high-flying scales of the winds to moisten the reeds, tame the breath, loosen the fingers, habituate wood and metal to the warmth of sound; belching bursts, fluttering flourish of brass, timpani, drums; stray butterflies plucked from a harp and left to sparkle about in the room; and, finally, the conductor’s baton raised to gradually muffle the marvellous brouhaha into a few seconds of loquacious silence as the concert begins.



  1. lilalia said

    Oh, Tillmann, your description of how anticipation sounds carried me away. What a beautiful idea it is to listen to emotions.

  2. ladyfi said

    I love the emotions of this! Very evocative!

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