embarassment (tillmann)

Cannot face the idea of cycling all the way across town in this sweltering heat to see a friend for coffee. With a headache at that. Decide to take the bus, for the first time in months. Get on, pay more than last time, rather empty, I can take a seat. Put my bag on the seat next to mine. Very warm, bit of a daze… the bus starts to fill up rapidly, of course, it’s the sailing festival. Peoples’ arms and bellies stand around me. Bag still on the seat next to mine but I don’t notice: very warm, bit of a daze, and with a headache at that. Don’t notice until the voice of a woman I cannot see complains about it, not to me, to her neighbour, but loud enough fo me to hear. Want to stand up and shout: “I am sorry, this is the first time in months, it is very warm, I didn’t notice in a bit of a daze and with a headache that! I am sorry, please do sit down!” but don’t. Just grab my bag and move across one seat, waiting for someone to sit down, sit down! Embarrased.


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  1. lilalia said

    Experiences like this make you want to be able to shrink in size, don’t they?

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