Talking hands (Fee)

Back from an excursion. We got to see a school where everybody is talking with their hands. Can’t stop mine now. Wish I could show you what I’ve learned…



  1. lilalia said

    Must be incredible to be immersed in a world where people talk with their hands instead of with their voices or their pictures or written words.

  2. Tillmann said

    I remember visiting an exhibition about sign language. Apart from having to talk with my hands only, the most striking experience for me was to be “named” in this immersed universe by reference to some external feature. Lacking more abstract utterance, I became “the one with the glasses”, as people around me became “him with the long hair” and “her with the smile”. Certainly impressive and also soothing to the ears though it was, I admit having felt relieved upon re-emerging to the surface of the sounding and resounding world. If music is in the air, then I guess musicians do not make good divers.

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