new professional skills acquired (Sara)

After only one day of working in a restaurant, I have now acquired new kind of skills:

– potato peeler

– mousse au chocolat maker

– mousse au chocolat empty bowl licker

– human dish washer

and le piece de resistance :

professional shrimp de-poop-er (technical term: shrimp decrapper)

what a day…



  1. ladyfi said

    Shrimp de-pooper! Hilarious! Bet you’ll never eat another one…

  2. kimhadley said

    mousse bowl licker would be worth the shrimp de-pooper part. now when you say shrimp de-pooper is it someone else’s job to shrimp-de-tail, shell… then they move it over to the de-pooper section? or is de-tailing and de-poopering all the same task? inquiring minds need to know

  3. lilalia said

    The shrimp were nude as it were, and to add insult to injury, Sara had to look at their inwards and remove any evidence of digestive organism…

  4. sunnysara said


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