Oh Mum… (Sara)

– went to the hairdressers yesterday (was really happy with the result)

– showered yesterday evening and was NOT happy with my hair

– went to sleep with the hope that my hair would somehow look better in the morning

– woke up and went totally crazy because one side of my head was perfectly fine but the hair on the other side was totally wild and stood on ends

This is what my mum comes up with to comfort me :

That’s ok, Honey, you’ve got hair with personality.

Ugh… mothers….



  1. Maria said

    liebe Sara,
    diese short story, hat mich wirklich zum Lachen gebracht, denn es beschreibt genau die Situation, in der wir schon alle waren und immer wieder sind: wir Mütter und ihr Töchter.
    Und wir Mütter wollen in schwierigen Zeiten nur eines: trösten, Wogen glätten, Haare perfekt machen!
    Aber es gelingt nicht immer, vielmehr nur selten, eher gar nicht! Und jetzt noch ein weiterer mütterlicher Tipp:
    vielleicht solltest du dir auch enen Haarglätter (wie Lisi) anschaffen?
    Wenn du willst, dann kannst du den Text gerne übersetzen!

  2. lilalia said

    (translation of above)

    Dear Sara, reading your story really made me laugh because it describes exactly the situation we all get into over and over as mother and daughter. All we mothers want in any difficult situation is to: make things better, dry the tears, and make your hair perfect! But that doesn’t always work, actually not very often, if not never! And yet, here is a motherly tip:

    maybe you could get a hair straightener like Lisi has?

  3. ladyfi said

    That’s hilarious! Embrace your hair… there’s nothing else you can do.

    (BTW, my hair looks like yours every morning… and my kids laugh at me! ;-))

  4. Elsbeth said

    Or maybe, if you want to, you can have one of mine. Because after our trip to Berlin I’ve got one left – funnily enough 😉
    Loved your story, too!

    • lilalia said

      Dear Lisi, we would be delighted if you could write stories here are well! You can do Sister Story Slams with Fee as well. Let me know, and I will send you an invite. Please go and help Maria get in as well, I’ve already sent her an invitation.

      • Elsbeth said

        Dear Lia,
        I would really like to do so, but unfortunately I’m not as creative and inspired as you people are and I’m not spending so much time at the computer either. I’ll think about it and maybe just give it a shot. You can always try, dont’ you? And yes, I’m gonna help Mum to get in the blog, I’m sure she’ll do it very well 🙂

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