Constructive Parental Guidance (Lia)

Sitting in my daughter’s room, watching her paint her cupboard.



  1. sunnysara said


  2. kimhadley said

    constructive guidance??…. i concur with you sara… double grrr!

  3. lilalia said

    Triple grrrr and a cherrry on top and I’m proud as punch of her ability to see the project through on her own. Kim, don’t you remember Dave saying the best thing about owning a car is paying for it?

  4. kimhadley said

    yes i do… the lessons he taught us were hard at the time and very ah ha i get it as an adult. i agree about seeing that kind of project through, proud auntie here as well! cause you know those teenaged years sometimes bring procrastination, avoidance, and big ideas no follow through… they come with the hormones!

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