Doings of the day. (Sara)


– got up at 9 o’clock to buy paint and a paint roller

– started to paint my cupboard “chessnutbrown” (at that time I was happy with the color)

– painted the whole cupboard (not including the doors)

– went to sleep in my bed (my room still smelled a bit like paint, not much, but still enough to get annoyed about it)


-got up at 8 o’clock (don’t ask … I know it’s early for a teenager.)

-startet to paint the doors and wondered why there was less paint then I remembered being there Saturday evening

-painted one door and noticed that there is not enough paint to paint the very necessary second layer (I’m suspecting a paint loving hamster, that creeped through my slightly ajar window in the night.)

– I am really p*ssed now, because it is Sunday and that means that there is no opportunity of buying new paint, which means that I am stuck with a giant cupboard in the middle of my room, with newspaper around it and all of the rest of my stuff crammed in one corner of my room (including my clothes !) and there is nothing I can do about it.  Grrrrr!

cupboard-painting is a nasty business. paint loving hamsters ,too.



  1. ladyfi said

    Oh dear! It sounds funny when you tell the story but not quite as funny in real life.

  2. kimhadley said

    poor you, agree a funny story, not so fun to now have to live in the inbtween state for longer than necessary!

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