Rules rule – not (Lady Fi)

At kindergarten, the teachers asked all the kids:

What is a rule?

My son answers confidently: I have no idea.

My thoughts exactly.



  1. lilalia said

    What is the rule? Your son’s answer was perfect. I remember my friend’s son going to a magic show and the magician asked the children what the magic word was (Abracadabra) and my friend’s son yelled out “Please”.

  2. sunnysara said

    fiiinaly! someone who understands my problems when I was a little girl 😀 .

  3. kimhadley said

    love that story. as lia knows, i’m a pretty lax rule making mother. one time i sent my 8 year old son to his room after he behaved VERY badly. As he stompped up the stairs, he turned back and said “FINALLY”… like he had been waiting his whole life to be actually punished.

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