walking the dogs (kim)

We were walking the dogs our usual way which is we attatch the two leashes together so they make one long double ended leash. Then the dog walker holds it in the middle somewhere, depending on what dog needs to pee on what bush. It’s a very clever system devised while walking two dogs, one short, one long, one who likes to walk in front, one behind.

We were walking down a street yesterday, deb, me and the two dogs, and passed by a house where two little boys were hanging out a window watching the world go by. As we passed, one of the boys said “hey dad look, there’s a dog walking two people AND another dog”.

and there i thought we were in charge!


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  1. noturus said

    Too funny. I walk two labs, and sometimes I add a Chihuahua and a Jack Russell. Now thats an adventure.

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